Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Inquiry project

For Inquiry we were focusing on being a responsible citizen.  Hamish, Oliver and I chose to teach soccer to some little kids. I am multi structural because I can use several strategies but make mistakes. For example when we taught the little kids we made a few mistakes for example we played on the concrete instead of playing on the grass. Another example is when we played on the concrete one of the kids fell over on the concrete and hurt them self. Another example is that when we moved on to the field we forgot to make them sit down and explain the rules of the game instead of them sitting down listening to the rules of the game we tried to explain the rules when they we running around with the balls. I am proud of the finish because lots of the kids really enjoyed it and didn't want to leave. My next step is to make less mistakes.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

What I play hard at soccer

We arrived at the ground and started practicing by sprinting  and dribbling with the ball. It was game time, I stole the ball off the other team and I feel great because I scored a goal. Now it was kick of again, I stole the ball off them the only annoying thing was that when I scored I slid over.  It was muddy and cold it when the ball got  kicked off again, I quickly tackled the other team. I go and shoot, but I missed and injured the goalkeeper by kicking the ball in his face. Now it is half time, we eat oranges and go back on the field. We scored two more goals, leave the ground, and placed towels around ourselves. 
The end.

I am poem

I am a limousine, because my learning stretches.
I am the mad butcher, because I like meat.
I am a park, full of fun and games.
I am a apple, because Everybody likes apples.
I am a burger, because I stick up for my friends like burgers stick together.
I am sock, because my feet stink sometimes.
Ko Brayden ahau
I am Brayden

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Character description

Todd is as tall as an average sized tree. He wears red and dark blue clothes. He is really sporty, he goes to loads of football games. His hair  mostly sits to one side of his head like a hairy dog that's stuck on it's side and can't get up . His face is as shiny as a bit of polished gold. His body is straight but his thinking is not.  

Todd yells a lot at football games, especially when someone scores a goal. He has a habit of tripping over stuff like tree roots, sticks and almost anything. He lives in a tree house up a massive tree. He loves to hang out in wide spaces like a cricket field.  Todd is really interested in sports. Todd hangs out with people around his size. When he wants to climb up massive trees he gets up them so fast that you can't even see him. He is so quick that when he sprints down streets he is as speedy as a charging bull.

What Todd usually does is encourage people. His voice sounds like he's happy all the time. He has no accent and his tone of voice is normal.

Todd hangs out with tall people around a head shorter than him. When he talks to people he makes them feel happy. When he walks down streets people say “Look how tall he is”.  His most important item is his money because he doesn't have much so he doesn't want to use a lot of it. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Travis wetland

When I went to Travis Wetlands I saw lots of pukekos. I felt happy and excited because I have never seen one that close before.

Riccarton bush

When I went to Riccarton bush I saw this piece of nature. I took this picture because I have never seen anything like it before. The picture makes me feel excited and happy. 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Discovery reflection

The activities I enjoyed over the past 2 terms of discovery time were making the flextangles and learning how to do scratch.  The challenges I encountered during discovery time was teaching football and getting people to play.  I overcame these challenges by getting people to come and play, by going inside and asking people come and play football.  The new skills I learned during discovery time were teaching other kids to play football.  

The key competencies I have been challenged by are making decisions, planning ahead and being responsible. I tried to overcome these challenges by trying to get everybody to agree on the same idea and trying to get organised before I do stuff.  When I went outside I was being responsible.  The key competencies I improved on were planning ahead because every time I did an activity I planned what I should do before I did it.

I feel pretty impressed with myself and what I have discovered. I am looking forward to discovering new stuff in Term 4.